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NSPF Certified Pool/Spa Operator® Certification Course

The National Swimming Pool Foundation’s Certified Pool/Spa Operator® Certification Course is designed to provide the knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently manage and operate swimming pools and spas. This course fulfills the mandated requirement that operators of public and commercial pools in many states, including Florida, shall be trained through a nationally-recognized course.  Meeting the requirements of the Florida Department of Health for public pool operator certification (see Florida Law), utilizing the NSPF Pool/Spa Operators Handbook, instructor experience, and NSPF CPO®Certification Course content, instruction is provided in the following topics:

  • State regulations governing operation of public and semi-public pools.
  • The pool operator’s responsibility for protection of the patrons’ health.
  • Calculation of swimming pool volume, filter surface area, and flow rate.
  • Filtration and recirculation.
  • Pool water testing, sanitation chemistry, and water balance.
  • Heaters and hot water chemistry.
  • Management of aquatic facilities.
  • Preventive maintenance and record-keeping.
  • Pool operational problems and chemical adjustments.
  • Care of seasonal pools.
  • Renovation and modernization of aquatic facilities.
  • Disease and accident prevention, including safety in the workplace.